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Chanukkah - Sukkot [Christmas?]

A. The Book of Maccabees, the 1st one, says that when they came to the Temple, they wept etc. (1st Maccabees, Chap. 4). 2nd Mac. (10,6) tells that they were sorry for not being able to celebrate the Sukkot Festival in the Temple (only a month and a half before), for it was under the Seleucedes and the MITYAVNIM (Hellenisers). They, therefore, made a Festival of EIGHT days! Meaning: they “invented” a “Sukkot –Sheyni” = a 2nd Sukkot! Like we have in the Torah: “Pesach Sheni” (Numbers Chap. 9) for those who were "TAMÉ" = impure

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